Creative Balcony Personality Outdoor Furniture, Anyone Can DIY!

Creative Balcony Personality Outdoor Furniture, Anyone Can DIY!

To make your outdoor life full of surprises, you need a creative personality outdoor furniture or accessories, and outdoor balconies are no exception. Some ideas are around us. You can make a different personality outdoor decoration with a stump, a concrete slab, and a few bottles of paint.Today, I will provide you with several outdoor creative works for reference!

Creative Balcony Personality Outdoor Furniture, Anyone Can DIY!
  1. Homemade garden swing chair
    I believe that many people have bought a rocking chair with a chain hanging, too no personality. Make a personalized and safe outdoor swing chair for the kids. The requirement of the rope is a strong rope. This is the key point. The material needs a round wooden stick with a diameter of 5-7CM and a length of 65-80CM. The width of the swing chair is made according to each person’s preference. In addition to the strong rope, you need a strong outdoor linen. The upper rope and ceiling of the swing chair must use a large-scale self-tapping screw. Looking at the picture is not very simple.
  2. DIY wood side table. For the original ecological wood, if you just find four thick ones, you only need to cut each of them into inner tapered legs, and then use the glue to fix them to make your own balcony side table.
  3. DIY weatherproof side table.Yes, this is a side table that is not afraid of wind and rain. It is made of cement. How to do it? Be mentally prepared. This is a cement job. First, design the size. Use the splint to make the model that needs to be poured according to the size. Buy some cement, pour it into the template, and dry it to knock off the splint. After polishing, you’re done. This became a self-made high-grade outdoor furniture.
  4. Farmhouse table.
    The production of the farmhouse table may be somewhat difficult. Find three pieces of 1200mm×300mm wooden boards and find two pieces of 300mm×900mm vertical pieces. How to fight? It’s very simple. Use the glue to put it together. Add four pieces of wood on the bottom. The thickness is about 35-50mm. After the board is finished, polish and white paint. After three times of drying, use sandpaper to grind it. Old style. The support can be completed in Taobao Amoy four wrought iron table legs, directly installed at the bottom of the table. The farmhouse style dining table is not impressive
  5. DIY painted coffee table.Balcony coffee tables can be bought in many places, Taobao or physical stores, and the price is not expensive. If you feel that you have bought thousands of times without personality, you can prepare a few bottles of small paint. Life is colorful, and as for what color you like, it is based on your preference.
  6. DIY Terrace Bar.This main body was originally a discarded washbasin. It was placed outdoors, and a few wooden boards were added to make an outdoor bar. Friends who like balcony barbecues can consider it.
  7. Concrete side table. One of the benefits of self-made Personality outdoor furniture is to make full use of idle objects, this one is. You can find a square cement board with a size of about 60CM at the construction site. If it is too big, knock it off and use the cement to correct it. The following brackets can be found on the side table that others don’t want. Putting the cement board directly on it will complete a side table that is not afraid of the sun and rain. Is not it simple.
Creative Balcony Personality Outdoor Furniture, Anyone Can DIY!

After reading the above personality outdoor decoration, is not very eager to do to make a. If you want to learn more about personal outdoor furniture and decoration, stay tuned for more valuable content!

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