Garden Layout Design To Create It’s Own Personality Garden

Garden Layout Design To Create It's Own Personality Garden

The garden is no longer an isolated natural space, but an extension of the interior of the house, where designers boldly use the natural colors of plants and personality garden , complemented by traditional geometric lines, to create a colorful space. The garden can also be displayed in a different style, depending on how it is decorated. Share a vibrant personality garden with you today.

Garden Layout Design To Create It's Own Personality Garden

The red hibiscus roots and the green lawns contrast. This unique garden design also fully considers the environmental protection of the ecology and the friendliness of the wildlife. If the rain does not flow away along the hard ground, it will infiltrate into the soil with the green grass.

Facing the pool, taking a nap, or sunbathing, is an excellent way to rest and relax. The atmosphere of the American garden seems to never escape laziness. At the same time, it is also worth noting to choose outdoor furniture with a sense of design and quality. Such personality outdoor furniture can withstand the sun and rain.
No matter whether you want to worry about nowhere, your personality garden is big or small. There are one or two pots of hanging plants swaying in the air. The soft and flowing branches and bright colors are very romantic and dreamy, not in any corner. Can create an unusual – aerial landscape.

The arrangement of hanging plants. The arrangement of hanging flowers and plants, in terms of form, is divided into several forms such as suspension, wall hanging and several frames.The hanging baskets, which are usually made of different materials and fancy, are suspended by hooks and are often used on porches, scaffoldings and even clothes hangers. This arrangement does not affect the owner’s activities below, does not occupy the garden area, and makes the space more vivid. Special attention needs to be paid to the reliability and safety of the suspension. The hook should be firm and the basket should be as light as possible, and it is best to have a water storage function to prevent the ground from dripping when watering.

Garden Layout Design To Create It's Own Personality Garden

This is a decked terrace that joins the front garden and backyard; it’s perfect for drinking tea, because the owner has arranged this place into a potted vanilla paradise. Is it particularly interesting to see this kind of personality garden dressing? You can also make your own home. The garden has become unique! Let’s start! Create a garden that is exclusive to you.

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