How To Create A Personality Garden, Groceries Are Soul

How To Create A Personality Garden, Groceries Are Soul

In recent years, more and more flower friends have not only pursued the matching and maintenance of plants. TAs have gradually pursued personality garden decoration, and the requirements for the matching of pots and garden accessories have become higher and higher, and they have gradually become grocery control.

How To Create A Personality Garden, Groceries Are Soul

The garden that uses the groceries is also known as the “groceries wind” garden, called JUNK GARDEN in Europe and America, and ZAKKA GARDEN in Japan.

Groceries – JUNK, can be all sorts of things. Many groceries control flower friends joked that they are ruined, and the old things in the house are reluctant to lose, to see if they can be placed in the garden? Go out and play, see a broken chair or an old pig trough, and try to bring back your garden. All the broken copper and iron, bottles and jars, a little bit special, in the eyes of the grocery control gardener, are all treasures. Of course, how to arrange these discarded objects in a personalized garden, without the sense of clutter or ruin, the key depends on the gardener’s creativity, hands-on ability and clever use in the personality garden.

Of course, you can also buy the finished goods of the grocery, you can arrange according to the needs of the personality garden, and you can choose more. Those that have been processed and processed are already old-fashioned styles, with garden plants, which can have an immediate effect.

Old wrought iron tables and chairs as personality outdoor furniture, screens, fountains, etc. can be matched in the personality garden; the cast iron stove is not only decorated in the garden, but also can be used for roasting fire in winter.
Iron flower stands, hangers, etc. can be placed directly on the plant; wrought iron or wooden models, flower stands, bird cages, etc. can allow vine plants to climb; there are some groceries of iron dolls, clay pots, kettles, wooden barrels, etc. Can be used as a container for planting flowers.

The resin or wrought iron ornaments of animals or angels are of different sizes and can be used to match the small flower gardens. The garden has also become a fairy tale country. Wind lamps, wind chimes, bird houses, etc. can be hung in the trees or in front of the porch. The breeze blows, and life immediately becomes poetic; the chic metal postbox at the entrance to the garden, the wrought iron decoration of WELCOME or a small one The ornaments can immediately attract the attention of visitors. There are also many decorative plug-ins for flower or flower pots, which are not only vivid and interesting, but also sometimes make up for a little imperfect space in the plant growth process.

There are quite a few ornaments that are still solar-powered, with sunlight shining during the day and wonderful brilliance in the garden at night. Or simply put the decorative ornaments and plant pots together, and after a clever combination, it becomes a chic groceries.

How To Create A Personality Garden, Groceries Are Soul

The above is the information about the personality garden we shared today. We will have a series of personality outdoor furniture information sharing behind, so that you can create a personality outdoor decoration!

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