Personality outdoor decoration that surprises you

Personality outdoor decoration that surprises you

Inspired by the traditional houses in childhood paintings, this Portuguese house with exaggerated wooden structures and bold black concrete panels is very popular. Indoors, the warm minimalist aesthetics are matched with the dramatic features of the prominent facade.

Personality outdoor decoration that surprises you

This city-style house combines the famous terraced elements of Vietnam to satisfy the owner’s desire for garden space. The combination of architecture and greenery has also become an “agricultural structure” that can create an oasis in the city about it? This kind of personality outdoor decoration is not great!

Under the illumination of the Northern Lights, there is no more magical house than this solar dome. The house is actually an environmentally friendly house built of mud, water and straw. The surrounding solar dome acts as a protective barrier to protect the house from high winds and low temperatures.

The house is located at the foot of the Hardanger Plateau, Norway’s largest plateau. It is covered by pine trees and is very characteristic of rural houses. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows add a touch of modernity to this traditional wooden cabin.

Whatever your personal opinion of the Fauvism architecture, one thing is certain: it is still very famous. Ricardo Bofill’s cement factory has become a freakish architectural wonderland. Although the interior of the building has chosen dreamy romanticism and simple minimalism, the appearance still maintains its distinctive industrial origin. It is desolate, beautiful and fascinating.

This beautiful 17th century Italian farmhouse meets all my illusions about country houses. Located on the Umbrian hills, the facade of the house reveals a traditional architectural style, and through the vaulted glass doors, the modern rooms with complete air conditioning are fitted to a modern lifestyle.

If you are talking about indoor and outdoor living, you must discuss this beach apartment, which is fully integrated with nature, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without any restrictions. Technically, the extended floor provides a cool place during the day, while the open corridors and decks provide a great platform to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

This eco-friendly Italian Marseille farmhouse has a near-realistic style. Located in the beautiful hilltop village of Puglia, the white stone façade and sandstone grounds bring a minimalist atmosphere that blends perfectly with the traditional farmhouses.

Personality outdoor decoration that surprises you

After reading the personality outdoor decoration shared above, is it amazing? If you still want to know more about outdoor furniture and outdoor decoration, please continue to pay attention to us, we will bring you good information.

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