Romantic Wedding Personality Outdoor Decoration Scene

Romantic Wedding Personality Outdoor Decoration Scene

Nowadays, young people like to pursue fashion and personality. The same is true for weddings. Compared with traditional hotel weddings, couples who are ready to marry prefer outdoor wedding decorations. So, what are the wedding personality outdoor decoration, wedding planning cases? Let’s get to know it!

Romantic Wedding Personality Outdoor Decoration Scene

What are the wedding personality outdoor decoration planning cases?

First, beach wedding planning.Weddings on the beach are believed to be the dream of every newcomer. With blue sky, white clouds, sea and beach, it is great to hold a wedding. With a beach wedding, newcomers can take a leisurely stroll along the beach and sit back and forth on the beach, imagining how romantic the scene is.

Second, church wedding planning.The church wedding is also a unique wedding. Many young people are very eager to hold a church wedding. At the wedding, the bride takes his father’s hand and walks toward his beloved. Under the priest’s testimony, he will never leave his life. abandoned.

Third, outdoor lawn wedding banquet.The wedding planning case also has an outdoor lawn wedding, which is a form of wedding that most newcomers like today. You can choose a green area in the suburbs, or you can choose the lawn of the villa. On this lush green grass, enjoy the happy time with friends and family. I believe that your wedding will be very memorable.

How to make a personality outdoor decoration wedding

First, the entrance.The entrance is an important passage to the wedding. In order to attract the attention of many guests, the layout of the entrance must be novel. The round arches are an indispensable decoration at the entrance to the wedding. Some weddings decorate the arches with balloons, and now it is not very popular. It is better to try to weave flowers into a circular arch with flowers of various colors, which are both novel and full of flowers.

Second, the pre-function area.The pre-function area is the first impression that the wedding brings to the guests, so not only must it be consistent with the wedding style, but also have different highlights. Since it is an outdoor wedding, you can use some flowers in the pre-function area, such as glass, rattan or spherical flower decoration, with some elegant large-scale floral, it is more attractive.

Romantic Wedding Personality Outdoor Decoration Scene

The above is about the personality outdoor decoration wedding planning case, how to arrange the outdoor wedding content, I hope to help everyone! Today’s wedding form is more and more creative, in addition to the above several forms, there are courtyard wedding, travel Wedding, etc., you can try it.

Today with you to share gathered here, we will follow up will have more personality outdoor decoration, personality outdoor furniture and other information, please pay attention!

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