This Choice Of Personality Outdoor Furniture Is Called Perfect

This Choice Of Personality Outdoor Furniture Is Called Perfect

In a bustling city, do you know how to make the roof into an “air garden” ?This is the perfect match for the personality outdoor furniture become an aerial garden.

This Choice Of Personality Outdoor Furniture Is Called Perfect

1.Function is the trend. On the small terrace put a few personality outdoor furniture plastic wooden chairs, it can be used as a seat, but also temporary food and drink, when not in use, it can also be used as a flower rack. Plastic wooden table and chair the same role, when there are guests to come the most suitable, when not used to put on the side is very space-saving. Some benches also have storage space under it, and after the summer, they can be moved back indoors.This personality outdoor furniture can be said to be great.

2. Style and material sits based on placement Are there any umbrellas in your outdoor area? Are personality outdoor furniture on soft lawns or hard floors? Remember that if you don’t use cork-framed personal outdoor furniture on the lawn floor, the cork will suck moisture and cause the frame to be damaged. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a parasol, direct sunlight on furniture and human skin will be harmful.

3.Color matching is the focus. According to the outdoor environment to determine the color combination of your personality outdoor furniture, if the surrounding green planting-based, with stripes and flower pattern fabrics are a good choice, if there are many flowers, then you can choose some neutral colors, such as beige, light blue, gray and so on.

4.Material is more important than appearance. Personality outdoor furniture material is very important, it determines the future maintenance situation, so, in the purchase of personality outdoor furniture do not only look at the appearance. Aluminum and plastic wood are easiest to handle, and original rattan weaving or wood-like personality outdoor furniture requires regular maintenance.

This Choice Of Personality Outdoor Furniture Is Called Perfect

Hope that the above personality outdoor furniture information to your help, more personality furniture knowledge please continue to pay attention

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