What Do You Know About The Personality Outdoor Decorative Wall Lamps?

What Do You Know About The Personality Outdoor Decorative Wall Lamps?

Today to introduce with you in detail about the knowledge of personality outdoor decoration, below we will start from one aspect, introduce the knowledge about the personality outdoor decoration wall lights, we look at it! Personality outdoor decoration wall lamp, refers to installed outdoor, the lamp body itself close to the wall of the lamp, generally commonly used to the place is from the door, personality outdoor decoration wall lamp, its main role is personality decoration, so there are many people like to install it in the aisle or stairs, more convenient and elegant. The types and styles of wall lamps are more, generally with milky white glass lamp shades. Light bulb power in 15-40 watts or so, light and harmonious, can be decorated with elegant, rich. At present, the outdoor wall lights on the market are mostly European style, there is a retro effect, reflecting people’s nostalgia, and taste in life.

What Do You Know About The Personality Outdoor Decorative Wall Lamps?

Personality outdoor decoration wall lamp installation.

1, personality outdoor decoration wall lights are also divided into many kinds, such as courtyard personality outdoor decoration wall lights, corridor lights, aisle lights and so on, generally installed on the street wall its height is best at 1.8M or more, if it is the corridor wall lamp then according to the height of the corridor to be measured, generally 1.7m or more.

2.To determine the installation position and height, to be positioned well after the lamp seat fixed, first take out the bracket inside the wall to make a mark, and then use pre-buried parts or punch method, and then stuffed into the expansion tube with screws to fix the bracket.

Then the Personality outdoor decoration wall lights to catch a good line on it, in the operation process should pay attention not to hit the location of the wire, so as to avoid leakage, resulting in personal danger.

Personality outdoor decoration wall lamp brand.

1. Huayi lighting, founded in 1986, the company is located in China’s lighting capital – Zhongshan City, the ancient town, Huayi lighting with high-quality brands, excellent service, affordable lighting industry to establish a good reputation.

2.TCL, China’s lighting industry quality and brand 100 enterprises, the factory lamps are already quality first, in recent years, are familiar to consumers of the brand.

What Do You Know About The Personality Outdoor Decorative Wall Lamps?

3. Arkes, founded in 1985, because it is in the personality outdoor decoration lighting industry, in the domestic market to take the lead in the implementation of the store network of brand lighting, its very high visibility has also won the favor of the vast number of consumers.

The above is to introduce you to the personality outdoor furniture wall lamp information, I hope to help you, more outdoor furniture knowledge, please continue to maintain attention!

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