Why Are Solid Wood Personality Outdoor Furniture Not Prone To Decay?

Why Are Solid Wood Personality Outdoor Furniture Not Prone To Decay?

Looking at the world, whether it is the Australian market with a yard, or commercial-oriented domestic market, personality outdoor furniture industry to high-grade development, is bound to be the main wood quality.
Since the German brand DEDON invented PE artificial rattan, imitation rattan material outdoor furniture, like the technology explosion theory in the three bodies, in the light ness and plasticity of the success of the wood, in a decade to develop into thousands of households. Of course, there are also plastic resin personality outdoor furniture, glass steel outdoor furniture, metal outdoor furniture, and all kinds of materials mixed with personality outdoor furniture products.

Why Are Solid Wood Personality Outdoor Furniture Not Prone To Decay?

Relative to solid wood, fiberglass mold and plastic mold cost is too high, and there is a large reverberate of environmental pollution, many European countries have been banned from sale;Aluminum alloy personality outdoor furniture comfort is mainly by cushion, the service life is not long.Solid wood frame and rattan material outdoor furniture products are also popular in the marketObviously, real wood personality outdoor furniture has been in the mainstream position of the high-end market, Aussie outdoor summary of some of the characteristics of real wood, interested friends can discuss and improve together.

1. plasticity is strong, and DIY difficulty is low. Strong plasticity is certainly the dominant metal products, but metal materials are handled, the need for welding, bending, drilling and even spraying systems.Foreigners have strong hands-on ability, but are doing their own garden outdoor furniture, garden, pool side, nursery kit and flower pots, are made of solid wood, simple tools can make the desired effect, and do not need paint or simple application of wood wax oil.

2. low maintenance costs. Solid wood is the better to look at, life stains and scraping, sun and rain on the surface of the wood damage, as long as every few years to clean once again with oil, than in the Aussie outdoor new buy color may be better looking.
In contrast, other materials have virtually no maintenance, up to cleaning and refurbishment, not to achieve the actual extended life.

3, the sense of nature is strong, can play a high degree.
Most of the Aussie outdoor solid wood outdoor furniture selection is natural anti-corrosion wood, such as mountain camphor, sea birch, southwest birch, pineapple, teak, etc. , these tropical-grown wood natural anti-corrosion insect, corrosion-resistant, nature to the wood pattern direction and gradient color, are artificial can not be made to feel.

4. a strong sense of history.Even if it is not the history of antiques, the family has a ten-year teak tabletop, many years later can still find the daughter when small with a knife carved traces, or mischievous son to the head of that dent, is not a better existence than the photo collection?

Why Are Solid Wood Personality Outdoor Furniture Not Prone To Decay?

In summary, do you have a better understanding of real wood quality?We are willing to work with you to witness the growth of the domestic and foreign personality outdoor furniture market.

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